As You Age: Stay Busy, Active and Moving

As You Age: Staying Busy and Keep Moving

Seniors who want good quality of life must stay busy, active and keep moving. As you age, it is important to understand that there are many ways to stay busy, active and keep moving – such as exercising, socializing, volunteering and the constant learning of new things (stimulating the brain).

In fact, the benefits of staying active far outweigh the risks of leading an isolated, no activity, and homebound lifestyle.

When you stay busy and active, it helps to:

• Reduce high blood pressure
• Reverse bone loss and fights arthritis
• Ensure a healthy weight
• Combat heart disease and diabetes
• Fight dementia and Alzheimer
• Boost confidence and overall mood
• Build muscle and alleviate joint pain
• Decrease cancer risk

If your health permits, you can perform such activities as: bicycling, brisk walks, swimming, dancing yoga.

Starting a new routine for staying active can be the easy part, sticking with it is another matter. When motivating yourself to become healthier, acknowledge the obstacles that might block you from success and work to elevate them.

Finally, don’t forget the power in starting small. Perhaps your routine activity starts with a few weeks of taking a brisk 15-minute walk each day with your caregiver or friend(s) around your neighborhood. Long-term exercise will help you build confidence and empower you to try harder and longer when it comes to physical and mental fitness.

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