With the many demands that come with being a career professional, having the assistance of a concierge can make a world of difference. After all, managing a career, family and life is a full time responsibility. We specialize in providing the following services:

  • Productivity Planning and Management
  •  Online Education Coach (Bachelor’s/Master’s degree)
  •  Resume Preparation and Career Planning
  •  Leadership Skills and Life Coaching
  •  Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Workshops
  •  Proofreading and Wordsmith Service
  •  Key Date and Special Occasion Reminders
  •  Off-site Administrative Services
  • Internet Research and Website Design
  • Focus, Accountability and Time Management
  • Systems Implementation (repetitive
  •  LinkedIn Profile Update
  •  Media Kit and Speaker’s Packets
  • Meal Delivery and Errand Services
  • Post Office, FedEx and UPS
  • Home Waiting Service
  • Courier and Transportation Service
  • Organization and De-Cluttering
  • Packing and Un-Packing Service
  • Small Property Management

Let The Crystal Concierge be your ticket to getting things done.

For more information about our Career Professionals’ Services, click here to download the pocket brochure.