Today’s executives and career professionals often times struggle to balance work and family life. The Crystal Concierge can help improve employee productivity and morale by handling those tasks that require your employees to take time off from work.

The Crystal Concierge will take care of your employees’ needs so they can take care of your corporate needs.

Off-Site Corporate Concierge – a plan designed to serve smaller companies and organizations. An assigned corporate concierge is only a phone call away. Requests can be made by phone, fax, text or email – most service requests are handled within 24 hours.

On-Site Corporate Concierge – includes a dedicated concierge for your corporation’s exclusive use. Your employees will be more productive by having the corporate concierge located at your site to take care of all their requests. Service requests can be made by phone, fax, text or email – most service requests are handled within 24 hours.

These services can be offered to your senior level staff or to your entire organization.

Corporate concierge programs are becoming more recognized as the next work/balance enhancement for businesses, corporations and other organizations that have a need to enrich the professional lives of their employees.

According to, the average worker admits to squandering more than 2.09 hours a day on personal business (calling the electrician, the cable tech, or leaving early to run errands) not counting their lunchtime. This costs companies an estimated $759 billion a year.

The Crystal Concierge is your organization’s solution for offering your employees the personal assistance they need at a fraction of the $759 billion a year cost so they can put that 2.09 hours back into handling the job they were hired to do.

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