Our services for the elderly and disabled include the following:

  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Delivery
  • Prescription Pickup
  • Transportation (Doctor, Lab, Therapy, etc.)
  • House Cleaning and Light Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Peace of Mind and ‘Check-In’ Visits
  • Home Organization and De-Cluttering
  • Home Modifications and Safety Check
  • Respite (two-to-four hour increments)
  • Companionship (two-to-six hour increments)
  • Senior Advocate
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Life After Loss Coaching
  • Family Member Coaching
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Partner
  • Wills, Power of Attorney and Advance Directives
  • Personal Assistant Services
  • Track and Schedule Appointments and Travel
  • Vehicle Maintenance Wait Service
  • Communicate With Out-of-Town Family Members
  • Assist With Reading and Memory Exercises
  • Provide Fall Prevention Techniques/Chair Exercises
  • Help With Filling Out Paperwork
  • Internet, Computer and Cell Phone Training
  • Help With Communication Skills
  • Handle Small Property Management
  • Prepare Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Video Creation, Memory Book and Organize Photos
  • Eulogy and End-of-Life Preparation

For seniors in facilities (such as senior apartment complexes, independent living or assisted living), we offer the following group workshops and training:

  • Fall Precautions and Prevention
  • Food Interactions and Drug Reactions
  • Healthy Living and Healthy Eating Techniques
  • Healthy Aging (Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate)
  • Sleeping Tips for the Elderly
  • Controlling Identify Theft/Scam
  • How to Cope After Natural Disasters
  • Most Popular Activities for the Elderly
  • 10 Things Seniors Want To Know About Managing Money
  • Top 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Medicare (but Should Know)
  • Conversations with the Pharmacist


Have you ever wondered what happens when seniors face major life transitions and their adult children seem to be involved in unrelenting conflict with each other? Some of those conflicts might include: 1) issues like residence decisions, 2) distribution of caregiving responsibilities, 3) safety and health concerns, 4) wills and estates, or 5) the sale of the family home.

Elder mediation provides a forum for family decision-making to take place. It is private, confidential and completely voluntary.

As an Eldercare Mediator, I can facilitate a purposeful and directed conversation among family members that hopefully will lead to a mediated settlement agreement that all family members can live with.

The goals of mediation are twofold: first to allow families to create a workable and mutually acceptable solution to their dispute(s): and secondly to, develop communication strategies to enable family members to successfully work together to make those important decisions that’s best for the entire family.


Two years ago, my mother had a stroke. She did not remember how to use a stove, cook food, look at a clock and know what time of day it was, not to mention who was the President of the United States or what year we were in.

Dr. Laureen Wishom, owner of The Crystal Concierge personally spent an initial six hours getting to know my Mom and understanding where she was and what was needed to get her back to some kind of normalcy.

After six months of The Crystal Concierge providing services that were above and beyond (working with her on repetitive tasks, cooking skills, and the re-learning of what she lost) my sister and I had our Mother back. I cannot thank The Crystal Concierge enough for what they did to give us back our most precious gift – Our Mom. (Nicki & Danielle)

For more information about our group workshops and CEU training – call 832.374.5725 or click here to download the list of training modules.