What are The Crystal Concierge Membership Subscription Packages?

The Crystal Concierge Membership Package is designed to maximize the personal concierge service you receive while minimizing any effort needed on your part. Once activated, your membership service runs like clockwork, making your life easier and giving you freedom of more time for family, career, business and your life.

How do I become a Member?

To become a member, tell us where you’re located (or where you want the concierge service), what you want us to do for you and how often. We may ask additional questions to better understand your situation and needs.That way, we can recommend a Membership Subscription Package that’s right for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We welcome Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Is there a way I can track the services?

Absolutely!You may view the completed services at any time from a link, login or email, which will be provided by The Crystal Concierge following the activation of your Membership.

Will I always get the same concierge?

For routine or weekly concierge service, you’ll have your own personal concierge to take care of your requests. This allows your concierge to get to know you and your preferences in order to serve you better.

Of course, you’re encouraged to contact us any time you have a request, whether or not it’s on your scheduled day. However, we know you’ll understand that taking care of a rush request or something out of the ordinary means that your regular concierge may not be available.

But rest assured, we have a variety of experienced professionals and any of our concierges will be happy to take care of your request!

Do you rollover hours?

Yes, any hours that remain unused at the end of the month, are rolled-over for use during the next month.Rollover hours are valid for one-month only.

What if I go over my monthly hours?

If additional hours are used, they are billed with the next month’s recurring payment at a slightly higher rate.

However, if you foresee a need for additional hours, you may wish to switch to a different Membership Subscription Package for a particular month or as long as your need is greater.  This ensures you the most savings.

Do I need to give you money or a credit card beforehand for things you're buying for me?

We make purchases on our clients’ behalf all the time.Typically we pay for these purchases upfront.This makes it convenient so you don’t have to guess the cost or arrange for us to pick up payment ahead of time.The purchases are then added to your next invoice as Reimbursements (Cost + 10%).

What happens to the receipts for the things you purchase for me?

Photos of all receipts are attached to your invoice or sent via email.Each receipt may be viewed by clicking on its link at the bottom of the invoice. Of course, should you need a particular physical receipt, just let us know ahead of time, and we’ll be happy to give or email it to you.

Besides price, what's the difference between your service and an app-service?

Great question. First and foremost, The Crystal Concierge service is a relationship service.  We’re personal with hands on care, not a posting.  We offer customized – not cookie-cutter services. We help you manage life, not just your lists.

Our clients know and feel comfortable and confident entrusting us with a wide range of matters.  We get to know our clients so well that anticipatory service is not uncommon.  And we’re always looking out for our clients’ best interests.  That’s what a relationship-based service is all about.

Oh, about price?  Our clients understand that price and quality go hand in hand.  And they are not interested in turning over their home, family, personal, confidential and security matters to be handled by the lowest bidder.  If you agree, give us a call.